About Us

    Brothers International Group

        We are a leading manufacturer, exporter and distributor of consumer fireworks. We got our beginnings in the    
        American market where we now have good market share. Brothers has grown into a multinational Group of
        fireworks enterprises.
        From a lone Chinese entity we have grown through strategic acquisitions and partnerships to become a global
        group of companies; the parent company in Beihai with subsidiaries and partners in China, Japan and Europe.
        Hundreds of fireworks companies, some the world's biggest, depend on Brothers as their premier supplier of
        fireworks. Brothers - Your Partner of Choice.

    Group Companies

        Parent Company

        Brothers Pyrotechnics, Inc. - the original Beihai location, presents production/logistics hub and head office of
        the group.
        There are six subsidiaries worldwide:

        Brothers Group (Asia)

        Brothers-Takagi Display Fireworks Co., Ltd. - a Japanese JV display shell technology transfer begun in 2002.
        Brothers Pyrotechnics (Hong Kong) Ltd.
        Beihai Yinquan International Shipping and Logistics Co. Ltd. - established in 2005 and specializing in ship
        chartering and all manners of freight transport.

        Brothers Group (Europe)

        Hammargren Pyroteknik AB - the oldest and number one fireworks company in the Swedish market; a part of
        Brothers since 2002. 
        LCH Fireworks A/S - a three generation company and one of Denmark's top fireworks importers acquired
        in 2005.
        Brothers Pyrotechnics (UK) Limited - a 2006 startup to strengthen the Brothers brand in the UK.

        To learn more about Brothers International group, download our 
Company Introduction Booklet.