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Brothers 2018 Catalogue
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The Whole Catalog (110MB) Artillery Shells(7.8MB)
New For 2018 (23.4MB) Rockets & Roman Candles (3.2MB)
Premium Label (8.5MB) Novelties & Fountains(12.7MB)
Cakes (9.7MB) Assortments(7.8MB)
Heavy Weight Cakes (27.4MB) Still Available Items (9.6MB)
Catalog Index (4.7MB)  
Brothers 2018 New Products Video
Cakes BP-A090-1 Crime Scene
BP2663 Flash Mob BP-A090-2 Inside Job
BP2665 Global Warmer BP-A090-3 Blood Money
BP2667 Neon Dreams BP-A090-4 Turf War
BP2668 Flashback   
BP2669 Art Attack Fountains
BP2670 Sky Candy BP4281 Flutter By
BP2671 Shenanigans BP4283 Gingerbread Man
BP2672 Lifeline BP4336 Flash Frenzy
BP2673 Vivid FX BP4337 Stars Come Out
BP2674 Starstruck BP4338 Citadel
BP2675 Helix  
BP2676 Rock and Gawk Ground Spinner
BP2678 Showboat BP5046 Spring Butterflies
BP2679 Let it Rip                                    BP6039 Ground Bloom Flower
BP2680 Whitewater BP6040 Kapow
BP2681 American Select  
BP2682 Unveiling Novelties
BP2683 Magic Bullet BP7128 Power Trip
BP2684 Overdrive BP7129 Half Ton
BP2685 Live Large BP7130 Loop-de-Loop
BP2686 Paydirt BP7131 T- Force
BP2687 Lockup BP7132 Croc Cruiser
BP2688 The Program BP7133 Chopper
BP2689 hella sweet BP7134 JUMBO Crackling Ball
Artillery Shells Rockets
BP-A036/24 Smoke-N-Mirrors BP1220 Whistling Moon Traveler
  BP1221 Jumbo Whistling Moon Traveler
Sparklers BP3208 Base Jump
BP3106 Neon Sparklers  
BP3107 Ten-Inch Sparklers