Lo & Behold

Unit size: 15x11x9-1/4 in.

Packing: 4/1

Ctn. size: 0.107 cu. m.

Gr Wt.: 19.5 kg

Behold the red glitter mines to spiders with red dahlia. See the red and blue star mines with gold chrysanthemum tails to jumbo brocade and red glitter. Gaze at the titanium chrysanthemum tails to crackling willows with red and green glitter and sea-blue stars. Experience the whistling tails to red stars. Consider the green glitter mines to spiders with green dahlia. Gawk at the crackling willows to red and green dahlia with green glitter. Contemplate the two-shot finale of gold brocade with red and blue dahlia. 28 SHOTS

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